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Expectations for After School Vendors


Expectations and Rules for After School Vendors at Encinal

Programs that enroll Kindergarten Students

  • A representative of your group MUST be on campus promptly at 2:25 pm on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays and 1:10 pm on Thursdays to collect kindergarten students from the kindergarten play yard. 
  • If you will be late you must call the office at (650) 326-5164 

Formally register for spaces through our district office

  • All programs must register for space and provide appropriate insurance coverage to our district office.  For more information on registering go HERE.

Parking at Encinal

  • It can be EXTREMELY difficult to find parking around Encinal, especially during student pick up time.  Please allow plenty of time to find parking near the school

Procedure in case of Inclement Weather or Shelter in Place due to smoke

  • Encinal cannot guarantee a gym space to any program if there is a need to be indoors.  If programs need to run indoors for a session, they will need to be prepared to have an activity inside a classroom.

Checking Student Attendance

  • For the safety of our students, please check our attendance book when you arrive to see if any of your enrolled students are absent.  If a student is not absent, but fails to show up for your class, please let the office know immediately so that we can locate the student.

Vendors must stay with students until they are picked up

  • You must stay with your students until all of their parents have arrived or they have been taken to Newton After School care.  They are your responsibility and cannot wait in the office.

Storage of After School Program Materials/Use of Classrooms

  • We will not be able to provide storage space for your program's materials.  
  • You are expected to leave the space you are using, as you found it.
  • Please do not erase or alter anything the classroom teacher has put on their whiteboards.
  • Please no eating or drinking in the classroom. 

Thank you again for providing the opportunity for our students to learn!  We appreciate all your help in implementing these rules to ensure all students are safe to enjoy your program.