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After School Programs

What does our committee do?

  • Interface and coordinate with after school program vendors and the Encinal main office.
  • Contract and schedule with the vendors, vet new programs, and ensure all vendors are up to date with any district office requirements.

What types of responsibilities do our volunteers have?

  • Schedule after school vendors.
  • Evaluate new vendor applications.
  • Manage the after school programs web pages on the School website.
  • Ensure vendors have fingerprinting requirements met.
  • Work with main office to ensure all vendors have space required.

When do we need you?

  • Late summer/fall - touching base with all programs to ensure they're returning, updating website.
  • Late fall – scheduling/evaluating for winter term, updating website.
  • Early spring - scheduling to spring (if applicable), updating web site.
  • May-June there is some negotiation and scheduling for programs that for the upcoming fall term.


How much time commitment is involved?

  • ~ 18 hours/year, spread out over the time listed above, heavier in late summer/fall.

Any special skills required?

  • Familiarity with online web tools.
  • Comfortable interacting with outside vendors.


Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.