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What does our committee do?

  • Volunteer in the art room during regular classes.
  • Help sort, select and display artwork for the fine arts festival during Open House. 


What types of responsibilities do our volunteers help with?

  • Art Chair: recruit volunteers at Back to School Coffee;
    create a volunteer sign-up; send emails for extra help in the art room as needed, assist art teacher with managing volunteers and fine arts festival preparations.
  • Art Classroom Volunteers provide support during art class with various tasks assigned by art teacher.


When do we need you?

  • Art Chair: Throughout the year particularly in Fall and Spring.
  • Classroom Volunteers: Throughout the school year from weekly to sporadically depending on your schedule (art class lasts about 30-45 minutes).


How much time commitment is involved?

  • Art Chair: At the beginning of the year to get volunteers up and running (2-3 hours total); at the end of the year (April and May) for supervision of art festival preparations (~10 hours total). Most can be done from home!
  • Classroom Volunteers: As much or as little as you like.


Any special skills required?

  • No art skills necessary!
  • Willingness to use Living Tree for volunteer calendar.



Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.