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Girl Scout School Liasion

What does our committee do?

  • Encourages participation in Girl Scouts for all grade levels:
    • K-1: Daisies
    • 2-3: Brownies
    • 4-5: Juniors


What types of responsibilities do our volunteers have?

  • Answer general questions about Girl Scouts.
  • Help form new troops and try to place girls in existing troops, when spots are available.
  • Advise and mentor new troop leaders.
  • Attend the PTO Back-to-school Coffee and staff a table to answer general questions about Girl Scouts.
  • Coordinate Encinal-wide Girl Scout projects, such as First Day Welcome Wagon and Thanksgiving Caring and Sharing Cookies.


When do we need you?

  • Throughout the year but primarily at the start of the school year when new troops are forming.


How much time commitment is involved?

  • Minimal


Any special skills required?

  • No 



Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.