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Kindergarten Information

Kindergarten Orientation Slidedeck

Counselor's Letter to Incoming Kindergarten Families

We are so excited to welcome our new Eagles to our school!

Here are some tips to have a successful drop off on the first day of school:

  • Start school bedtime and wake-up time a week before school begins. Children’s body clocks need time to adjust going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Having plenty of rest will help make sure their first day of school is more relaxed.
  • Have clothes picked out the night before. Let your student pick out what to wear, even if it’s an old t-shirt and mismatched pants! You want them to feel comfortable, so let them wear what they want on the first day and save the new clothes for another day.
  • Parents are welcome to walk their students to the entrance of the kindergarten play yard on the first day of school. Each teacher will say, “goodbye parents,” and that is your cue to leave. We ask that all moms and dads leave at the same time. On the first day of school we have a wonderful “Welcome Back Coffee” in the large multi-use room for all our parents! Please don’t worry about seeing your child’s classroom...there will be plenty of time to do that on “Back to School Night.”
  • Please talk with your child about their end of the school day plans (e.g. after school care, carpool, caretaker pick-up, bus etc.). Asking them to repeat the plan back to you ensures that they understand where they need to go.

If your child feels anxious or starts to cry:

  • Offer simple reassurances:

“Your teacher is a good teacher.”

“If you need anything, just ask your teacher.”

“Did you know other kids are having some of the same feelings right now.”

  • Make goodbyes short and when you leave:

Tell your child you will see them after school or at child-care.

Do not promise you will come back at lunch or that they can call you, or that you will call them.

If you feel you may cry (many parents do, this is a big milestone) please do so away from the kids. Children will feel a need to take care of you. Remember children can only separate to the degree that their parents do. They follow our lead.

The “Learning to Get Along” series by Cheri J. Meiners is a wonderful way to prepare our kindergarteners for a terrific start to school. Reading these books over the summer will go a long way to teaching your 5 year old what is expected at school. 


Ignacia Preciado

Encinal School Counselor

What to Bring on the First Day of School