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Encinal Drop-off and Pick-up




Please carefully review Encinal's policies and procedures for dropping students off at school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon by walking, biking, bus, or vehicle.  
Encinal School and The District would like to promote a reduction of car trips to Encinal campus. Walking and biking are the preferred means of transportation if possible. For older students, SamTrans has many school routes. There is a limited District Bus Program (fee applies) for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.  There are more details on the options for drop-off and pick-up at the links below.

The Pick-Up Lane at Encinal starts on the first day of school.  Each family will get a Pick-Up Lane card with child's first and last name. There is no need to sign up!  You MUST have a Pick-Up Lane card in your window to pick up children in the pick-up lane. If you would like to form a group carpool with multiple families, please use one of your family pick-up lane cards as your carpool name.

Please read important safety instructions for the pick-up lane:



Both in the morning and in the afternoon - it is most important to pay attention!  Be aware of the children around you and your bike or car! DO NOT USE CELL PHONES AND DO NOT TEXT

  • Keep an eye on the traffic ahead and pull all the way forward towards the district office so that we are able to unload the maximum number of cars
  • If you are in the drop off zone and the cars are stopped in front of you, your child may exit.
  • Children should exit on the sidewalk side only.
  • If you have a car seat for a younger sibling, consider moving it to the driver's side so that the sidewalk side is available for your Encinal child's exit.
  • Teach your child to be prepared with shoes on and all materials ready to go.
  • You do not need to wait for an adult to open the door.
  • Avoid getting out of your car to unload items.
  • Never allow your child to cross traffic alone.
  • Never drop off in the red curb zones.


Be aware that if you get out of your car and leave it at the curb, you should be back at your car before the first dismissal bell rings at 2:35 or 1:30 on Thursdays. Be aware that lots and lots of people are waiting to pick up their children to go home or to soccer or ballet or swimming or piano lessons pull all the way forward (don't stop where your child is - they can walk to you!) and load them into the car quickly. Talk and greet friends before the bell rings - you'll all have more fun.


We kindly invite everyone to be as kind and patient as possible in the Pick-Up Lane especially in the first few weeks of school as everyone is getting used to the process and also later in the year as there will inevitably be a school visitor who accidentally parks in the Pick-Up Lane or a visiting relative who comes through the Pick-Up lane and doesn't fully understand the process.


  • Morning Drop-Off
  • Afternoon Pick-up